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Disaster Recovery Plan Why Do You Not Have One Yet

Disaster Recovery Plan: Why Do You Not Have One Yet?

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Every time IT managers hear the words upgrade or migration

they usually begin preparing their loved ones to be without them for months at

a time. The problem with a migration is that it hardly ever goes smoothly in

spite of how well planned it really is. Windows 7 Migration plans are now being

put into place considering the fact that older versions of Windows are now

being eliminated. Everyone agrees we want the most recent technologies. Even so

the problems caused by a simple migration can be discouraging.

What should be a fairly simple, smooth process is

complicated because of the fact that human beings operate the computers you

would like to migrate. Due to the fact each human has their own idea of how

things should be; they just don't take to this approach exceptionally well. In

reality, the biggest frustration for the IT department will be the complaints

from your end users when the migration is finished properly.

Through the standard Windows 7 Migration, you can be sure

that some programs will no longer work, icons are without a doubt going to be

lost, documents (which are supposed to be saved to the server, not the desktop)

are gone forever. Additionally there will probably not be just enough valium to

calm everyone down. No one likes change and the impact suggested is a big one.

Moving from Windows XP to 7 presents substantial challenges.

Even in the most successful process, you will discover

problems that are unanticipated. In essence, problems can be expected in spite

of how much effort is dedicated to ensuring that everything is perfect. This

really is overwhelming and frustrating to IT groups.

Thankfully, there are other options to a standard Windows 7

Migration. Virtualization of systems has developed into a preferred choice for

IT divisions. This concept may also be called cloud computing, dependent upon

the setup involved. For virtualization to happen, all software and even

significant operating systems are placed on a group of servers that will enable

the IT department to give access to the actual systems. The desktops no longer

house the software programs and information to complete the job.

When the virtual systems are setup, each desktop is given an

icon or program to operate that provides the access needed to get into the

virtual server. A new window opens and all systems are listed within this new

windowpane. In essence, this turns into the user's desktop. This permits the IT

group to control the software, grant access and provide upgrades as required.

The headaches which a Windows 7 Migration creates are

eradicated by creating the virtual environment. Users won't have to be

concerned about losing what's on their own desktop and IT techs won't have to

run to each and every desktop to make sure things are installed properly.

For those companies which aren't centrally located,

virtualization offers a wonderful chance to provide the same environment

remotely. Employees that work on the road or their house have the ability to

access their particular virtual desktop from any place with a connection to the

internet. Through virtualization, you can open your organization to more


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