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Why Server Disaster Recovery Is So Important

Why Server Disaster Recovery Is So Important

At this point in computing history, you might think that built-in server disaster recovery would be on every computer in the world, but its

not. In fact, if you delete something either intentionally or

accidentally on most servers, you might never get it back. That is why

finding a program that can help with server disaster recovery is so

important but of course it isnt always someone deleting a file that

can cause havoc. Why Do You Need Server Disaster Recovery?Most people think that you only need to install this type of software to protect against virus attacks, but that really is the least of your problems. After all, you probably already have virus protection in place in addition to a firewall. But still, viruses do get through and they can wreak havoc on your system.There are many other reasons why server disaster recovery is necessary:1. Natural disasters No matter where you live, these will occur sooner or later. Hopefully your server and your building will be spared, but even a rainstorm can cause enough damage to have you going to the backup. You have to be prepared for storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes, let alone what other types of natural disasters you might have in your area.2. Power surges In spite of everything you may have done, power surges can still do damage to your server and compromise the validity of your data, and you might not even find out until it is too late. When you have a backup stored in a separate location, you will always have a place to go for data that hasnt been damaged by power surges. 3. Human error Even the smartest among us has made mistakes on a server, and this is not to mention the people who intentionally do damage to computers as a way of getting back at their boss or the company. These things do happen and having a backup may be the only way that you can recover.4. Hardware failure As fail proof as computers seem from time to time, the truth is that all drives will break down sooner or later. One of the main advantages of having a server disaster recovery program in place is that if your hard drive does fail, you will have a full disk image of your entire network that you can immediately copy over to a new drive, eliminating downtime and saving otherwise lost documents.Whether you are in charge of a network for a small business or a very large one, the quantity of your data is not as important as keeping it safe and secure at all times. By making sure that you have done all that you can to protect yourself in case of some disaster, natural or not, you will have a better chance of recovering. When you use a server recovery program, you will always have a place to go to recover all of your documents, your applications, and your network settings.

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