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How to Pump Out a Flooded Basement #1, Water Removal, Water Pumping

With 22 years of experience pumping out flooded basements and completing many water damage restoration jobs, Clay King from AAA Flood Drying explains how to pump out your flooded basement. Techniques using Simer Geyser Classic 1/4 HP Submersible Utility Pump and wet vacs are demonstrated showing the most effective way to remove water from your own flooded basement. Minimize labor and effort while pumping water out of your basement quickly.

Demonstration as to the proper hose to use on your sump pump to move the most water in the shortest amount of time.

Quick and thorough water removal is key in avoiding mold removal issues in the carpet, pad, and walls.

After complete water removal, dry out for approximately 3 days needs to performed to insure there are no mold damage.

Good luck with your water pumping situations and for more information about pumping out basements please check out my other videos on "How to Pump out a Flooded Basement #2, #3, #4"

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